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By Persia

United Kingdom

I have a lavender bush which I planted 5 or 6 years ago. It has produced very well - until this year. There are some green shoots with flowers at the side, but most of the plant is brown and very woody. Is there anything I can do to revive it?



If lavender is pruned right back to the old wood it will not regrow. Your green shoots should grow and bush out. Prune off flowers and a little of green when the flowers are finished and try to see whether you can get it back to a decent shape.

15 Aug, 2008


I would start again. It is not strictly true about regrowing from old wood. I have 4 Hidcote lavender plants which are 4 years old , even though I had cut them back each year after flowering they were still very staggly. So I cut them completely to the base a few weeks ago and they are making good growth again.I will try to post a picture sometime.I think if they were very old it would not work.

15 Aug, 2008


You need to cut back as far as possible to make it regenerate. Like Wyeboy I have cut mine back into old wood but only as far as a living green bit. They will look awful for a season but it does encourage them to sprout lower down and eventually into a nice shape again. In future cut you lavender back harder than you think you should. My hedge is now ten years old and still going strong :)

15 Aug, 2008

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