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funny plant


By Martin3

United States Us

Please could you identify the plant I have found at work?
It looks very strange, the stem and leafs look like the rose family. What I think is a flower is like a fluffy ball about 25mm in diameter. It could be a weed? any ideas please. I live in South East England very near London.

On plant ?




It is a rose gall. Caused by a gall wasp. I have seen quite a few on roses this year so they must be quite prevalent.

Copy and paste this site for more information...

14 Aug, 2008


Well no expert Martin esp as in UK but looks like a George bush .Not widely grown and does poorly without support something of a hybrid tends to colonize southern states esp around Texas.Needs to grow in rich soil but can be invasive esp when exported !

14 Aug, 2008


OMG Bonkersbon!
LMAO you are such a baaaad boooy!!!

14 Aug, 2008


Oh BB - thank you for the laugh! Love the answer! Martin - sorry about Bonkersbon - he acts like this sometimes, he has 'funny five minutes' - just laugh and accept Jess's answer!

14 Aug, 2008


HAHA! Ok. I get it now. I read that earlier and just though "What is a George Bush?"
One of my more blonde moments. Very funny Bonkersbon and very clever too!

15 Aug, 2008


Thanks Jess you were spot on, Looked it up on the internet very interesting. George Bush gave us a good laugh tooooo. Thanks again to you all.

15 Aug, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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