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Problem with Victoria plum tree

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My wife and I bought a fan-trained Victoria plum tree last October (2007) and planted it against a high breeze block wall bordering our neighbour's garden (east facing).
It has had a few flowers on it in early summer but no fruit, not that we were expecting any this year.
Gradually, over the last 3 months, it has looked less and less healthy and we are concerned that it looks as though it is dying. We have no previous experience of growing fruit trees and would appreciate any advice that your members could give us as to what we can/should do.
I have tried to photograph it as it is now, see attached.




It certainly doesn't look happy. Does it get a lot of sun? Walls absorb a lot of heat and it might have got too hot being young although they do need a sunny sheltered place. Have you watered it a lot? In the first year they need watering and feeding with a general fertilizer.

14 Aug, 2008


My father was a plant biochemist and he planted our Victoria plum tree 28 years ago. The leaves do sort of gradually wither as you go through the summer. Your tree could still be OK. But to me it sounds funny growing it against a high wall - it wants to be able to spread out in all directions, and the roots need a lot of room. Having said that, transplanting can be risky. But it's well worth perservering. After about 6 years it starts producing well, and after about 10 years you'll have hundreds every August. Actually, I just had one and they are absolutely delicious!

14 Aug, 2008

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