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Hermocalis and mombretia - not many flowers this year.

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I have both of these in my garden (north and south facing) and this year the flowers on both have been very poor - about 20%. Usually they are wonderful. Do you have any idea why please? I have seen them in some other local gardens and they are flowering well.
Thank you
Lindsay Godfrey



I also have those in my garden. The Hemoracalis hasn't done as well this year, but we have thinned them out a bit, so maybe they'll take a couple of years to come back. The Crocosmia is the best it's ever been, it was taller than me! (5'5")!
I think it's maybe the climate?? We'll just have to wait and see what happens next year, I guess.

13 Aug, 2008


Wow! that's tall for Crocosmia; may be they are having a rest this year and I'll get a bumper crop next year! Probably too much rain this year as you said.

13 Aug, 2008


Must be something to do with the weather in your area. I have both and apart from a few gall midge on one Hemerocallis they both flowered beautifully this year. My Crocosmia were stunning and so many flowers too. I grow "Lucifer" not sure if that is the same one Greenfingers grows but mine are about 5ft.
I do know that Hemerocallis hate to dry out in the early summer could that be the reason for your lack of flowers.

13 Aug, 2008


Yes I think the weather is much to blame. Mine are the common Crocosmia I think. Do you think that they need to be thined out a bit as I rather like to pack-in my plants like a controlled jungle. Less weeding that way!

13 Aug, 2008


The species ones that you have actually flower the least of all of them. Yes to thinning them out but be careful with disposing of the corms as they will grow if you throw them on a compost heap or even on bare ground. Treat yourself to some nicer variety when you have a few pennies or if you like I can send you some corms of my Lucifer when I thin them. Just remember they do grow very tall!

13 Aug, 2008


Thank you so much Jess, thats a very helpful piece of info. I would be very grateful to you for some of your corms; how kind of you to offer. I will start to thin out and replace mine and dispose of them at the 'tip'. Perhaps you will contact me when you have some of yours available to send. Bless you.

14 Aug, 2008


I will try and remember and have recently noticed the calendar facility on here which should help. If you hear nothing from me in a month or so remind me. They have just finished flowering and I need to wait for the stems to die back before I disturb them.
The Monbretia species plant has now been classed as an "invasive" in Cornwall. If ever you go down there you will see them growing all over the place.

15 Aug, 2008


Best get most of mine out then. Thanks, I will remind you if I don't hear.

16 Aug, 2008


Yes, I think mine are 'Lucifer'. I'll see if I can get a photo on my bio.

19 Aug, 2008

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