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double petunias not flowering wel

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I have lots of double petunias which this year are not flowering very well at all. I have grown them all on from small plugs about 140 of them and all have plenty of leaves but not many flowers. I have not done anything different this year to previous years but did buy the plugs from a different supplier. Any ideas or is it just a bad year. Thanks for any info,



I bought mine as large plugs and they have done reasonably well - they have flowered OK but have not stood up to the wet weather at all well, rotting very quickly. That does not explain why you haven't had many flowers, though. It wasn't T&M you bought them from, was it? Many of us have had bad experiences with them. :-(

13 Aug, 2008


Thanks for your reply - the petunias seem quite healthy and have not rotted - the leaves seem very healthy and strong there just aren't any flowers just one or two at a time so my planters look very green this year!!! I bought them from a market stall (but not the same place as in previous years) along with 140 very small busy lizzie plugs and lobelia and these have done fine and are all flowering very well - Next year I will return to my original supplier. Thanks for your reply again Chrissy

13 Aug, 2008


assuming that you have dead-headed and fed well, the only other thing i can think of is lack of light or variety? we have'nt had much sun this year so far, if they are in semi shade or don't get the best of what little sun we have had, maybe that could be the reason. i have also grown double pertunia from plug this year and mine have been lovely dispite as Spritz has said from the rotting. but i do agree with Spritz on this that should'nt effect the amount of flowers that you get. the only other thing is variety, some flower more than others. but most do give an impressive display at some stage,

13 Aug, 2008

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