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Can anyone ID this plant for me, please. It was left behind unwanted & neglected, I rescued it guessing it to be ericaceous. It is evergreen, uninteresting until it flowers & has a sweet but faint scent if you put your nose up close.
It looks quite scruffy although Im wondering if it could be a Daphne.

Dsc_0071 Dsc_0070



Daphne it is, but naming it is not for me.

8 Apr, 2017


Daphne transatlantica Eternal Fragrance would be my guess.

8 Apr, 2017


Daphne retusa is my thought.

8 Apr, 2017


I think you might be right BH. The leaves on Eternal Fragrance are too thin.

9 Apr, 2017


Gosh, what a lot of Daphne's there are - but I think you are right, BH, so thank you for your help.
Originally I had said the scent was faint but having just been out in the cool of the evening the aroma is very strong & heady, amazingly strong for such a tiny flower.
The longest leaves are only 3.5cm & I also remember seeing black berries in the autumn.

9 Apr, 2017

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