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I have a money plant which was my mothers and is 20 years old. It is shooting but looks dreary. I don't water it very much but have moved her about trying to find the right place. I am worried to lose the beautiful plant as it means a lot to me

Please help!!

Sue bacon



There are several different plants called Money Plant so a photograph would help greatly if you can manage it please as they may not all need treating in the same way..

21 Mar, 2017



I would suggests try and find the best spot similar to where your mum kept it , I know you keep most houseplants dryish over the winter as they are not growing it may be a case this needs a good water now it is spring then see if it picks up ....

21 Mar, 2017


Money plant is the common name for more than one plant, but most often, its used for Crassula argentea (also known as Jade plant) so google that name for images to see if that's your plant.

If it is that, its a succulent - needs some sunlight, but shelter from hot sun through the window in summer. Likes average room temperatures, prefers lower overnight temperatures, but needs to be a bit cooler in winter, so don't put it near a heat source like a radiator. From spring to autumn, water thoroughly when the potting soil feels dry to the touch - during winter, reduce watering to about once every month or two. Don't let the plant sit in water in any outer tray or pot - empty that 30 minutes after watering. Pot into something larger only if essential, and that's a job best done in spring.

21 Mar, 2017

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