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I have this wonderful garden at the top of an extremely windy slope (yesterday was mad !).This area see photo is full sun and southwest and gets all the wind . As you can see it has a sorry looking honeysuckle and a straggly thing that I'm removing .I'd like advice for climber and border plants please.



I think you meant to upload a photo or two, but they're not there...

Depending on the size of the garden, its probably sensible to think about planting a wind barrier hedge in a couple of areas - the prevailing wind in the UK is westerly, but Kent, I know, is a pretty windy county, so working out where the worst of it comes from most of the time (maybe the east down there, depends which bit of Kent) is critical to decide where to put the wind break.

21 Mar, 2017


Thank you for your reply . We have trees in the garden but this area is right at the top of the slope so planting a wind break is not an option. I would like to replant the whole bed and have some climbers on the wall . This area is in sun all day and is a particularly windy bit .

22 Mar, 2017


Are you not able to upload any photos? If not, then some idea of the size of the area involved (length and width) would be helpful, but really, photos would be best.

What are you intending to use for any climbing plants to climb up, is there something in place already, attached to the wall? I have no clue what this area looks like...

22 Mar, 2017

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