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I have a Swiss Cheese plant whose aerial roots are threatening to take over my front porch. I'd like to know if it's possible to cut these off without killing the plant? thanks :)



The aerial roots have a purpose... to provide additional nutrient for the larger plant. You can cut out the roots but it will affect the growth and vitality of your plant. But if you want your plant to grow like it ought, then planting the roots in the pot works well. And for best results I set several pots higher up the plant and potted the roots in these - in this way there is almost no limit to how lush your plant can be! Don't worry about hiding the pots because this way you can have huge leaves.

12 Aug, 2010


the other option is to introduce a moss stick, if you haven't already - you can then push the aerial roots into that.

12 Aug, 2010


wow - that was a speedy response! thanks :) Trouble is, I think I may have left it a bit too long before deciding to take action as most of these roots are pretty huge ... one in particular has gone up one wall, across the ceiling and down the other side, and I reckon it's now about 10 of 12ft long! One single root has gone down and planted itself in the pot, but the rest have just roamed about the porch. If I cut those away maybe I can start again and do what you suggest with any new roots that appear? I feel very bad about having neglected it like this - hopefully with a peace offering of a larger pot and lots of tasty new compost I'll be forgiven :))

12 Aug, 2010


sorry Bamboo - I'm afraid I'm not familiar with moss sticks ...

12 Aug, 2010


You can buy them ready made at the garden centre, if they have a decent houseplant section - all it is essentially is a roll of mesh containing damp moss from top to bottom, sometimes with woody material added in the middle. You keep it moist by watering into the top of it or spraying it.

12 Aug, 2010


... sounds a really good idea - I'll certainly keep a lookout for one - thanks for that :)

12 Aug, 2010


what a cheese plant actualy is a light thief and eventualy a paracite excuse my spelling in the jungles it comes from . these roots you have would be working there way up the tree to the canopy and light and then push into the tree for other nutriants . the roots you have will only need the stuff bamboo is on about around the ends . mite be worth making a focal point of your cheese plant and get a spot light on it .

13 Aug, 2010

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