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What's happening to my runner beans ?


By Tiggy

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I planted Scarlet runner beans at the start of the season - they've cropped really well up to now but now lots of the set beans (up to 3inches in length) are shrivelling and turning yellow. All the leaves and stems are still green and healthy and the plants are fed once a week and watered twice daily if it hasn't rained.



we have grown 'red rum' runners and the same thing happened a few weeks ago, now we have another batch that seem ok, so panic over!! but not sure what caused it , will be interested in other growers stories on this subject.

11 Aug, 2008


Hi, sorry but I wish I knew! I've been growing largish quantities of runners for 30+ years and always have problems of this type. They are always well trenched and manured, watered well in the trench and with occasional plant spraying to assist germination. But maybe 15% of germinations start withing (all on that stem) after 1" to 4" growth. This year, 2009, has been the worst for ages. What a waste!

29 Sep, 2009

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