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I am plagued with toadstools on in my garden and to.make matters worse slugs are coming out at night to eat them. Any solutions? Is there a paint I could use that the slugs wouldn't cross?



well while the slugs are eating the toadstools they aren't eating anything else! The toadstools are harmless and will soon disappear but if you don't like them then brush/leaf rake them off collect and put in the recycling bin. There isn't a paint for slugs ; just slug pellets.

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6 Oct, 2016


I don't understand what's wrong with the slugs eating the toadstools, especially if it means they leave your plants alone! If the slugs are in the garden they will always eat something - they haven't appeared because of the fungi.

This is the time of year for toadstools - they soon disappear again and most do no harm. Many of them do a useful job breaking down dead plant material in the ground. As long as you don't have the dreaded honey fungus on your tree trunks there's nothing to do but wait for them to go away again. Not sure I would compost them if you don't like them though, unless you catch them before they have fully opened - the spores might overwinter in the compost?

6 Oct, 2016


The toadstools indicate you have decaying plant matter underneath. It also indicates a healthy living soil. They're not worth the fuss, they'll be gone tomorrow.

7 Oct, 2016

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