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I have been growing Campanula Persicifolia from seed in my potting shed and the seedlings are now big and strong but am not sure what to do next and especially as the weather has become much more chilly this week. Harden them off and plant them in the garden now or not ? Any advice welcome.



Weather forecast says its going to be cooler than average temps for October this coming week, after that, it looks like more normal temps, but yes, I'd harden them off, carefully and slowly if the temperatures are going to be lower than average, aiming to get them planted by end of this month. I might have given different advice if you were in Scotland or far north though,but where you are, should be fine - its only early October and even lower than normal temperatures doesn't mean freezing - just choose a milder night when you get to the point of being able to leave them out overnight prior to planting.

6 Oct, 2016


They readily self seed in the garden so follow the hardening off advice from bamboo.

6 Oct, 2016


Thank you both for your very useful advice.

6 Oct, 2016

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