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My over-wintering onions are dying off. Symptoms include roots rotting away and the bases splitting. The foliage then gradually dies back. Picture shows the early stage of the disease before the roots have rotted. There is also a bluish white mould on the base. Anyone know what it is?





I hope its not "Onion White Rot"

White rot is a serious fungal disease (nothing you can do ) also you wont be able to grow onions on this area for many years to come and is easily spread around bu the garden spade |& fork.

have you grown onions on here before ?

do you have a allotment ?

26 Jun, 2016


Yes they are grown on my allotment. I've had it for 2 years and this is the first crop of onions. Not sure what the previous owner grew here but it seemed to be mostly weeds and I did find a lot of Oca tubers in the soil (yes, Oca not Ocra).

26 Jun, 2016


My first thought was White Rot after reading up about it.

26 Jun, 2016


I would have a chat with the other people on the allotment

happens when people bring sets etc in or using equipment from the own garden .. in can last in the soil 8 years or more and being a allotment I thought as much .....

raised beds do help and bringing in fresh compost but a lot of work when you can utilise the soil for other things to grow

I have seen oca they remind me of grubs

26 Jun, 2016


Have you tried eating the oca Vrocastro?

26 Jun, 2016


No, not yet Steragram but I put a few tubers in to grow this year. Should be interesting. I'm told they are like waxy potatoes with a lemony taste.

29 Jun, 2016


Sounds nice - do let us know please.

29 Jun, 2016

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