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By Liz757

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I put my reasonably healthy small bougainvilla plant into garden on a table 2 days ago and now leaves are turning yellow and dropping. I fed it some coffee grounds and miracle grow. What have I done wrong and how can I resuscitate?



We've had quite a cold wind here for several days. Has it been the same in Hampshire. If so, that could be the reason.

27 May, 2016


Have you been watching the soil moisture? Plants in containers need far more water outdoors, than indoors. Also, was the plant hardened off to chilly nights and direct sun by the time you put it out permanently?

27 May, 2016


And was the strength of the fertilizer as recommended on the pack - more isn't better. They prefer a night temperature of around 60 degrees so its probably the cold night air it doesn't like

27 May, 2016


Healthy Bougies can stand up to temps of 30ยบ F, but they have to be hardened to it.

28 May, 2016

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