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By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

I have a chinese wisteria about 3ft tall and 3ft wide, do I need to prune it now at all?

On plant Chinese wisteria



Reduce any shoots off the main stem to 2-3 buds, trim main stem (leader) to 3ft. Midwinter cut back shoots again by one third. Once there is a decent framework cut back sideshoots by half in summer(after flowering) and back to 2-3 buds in winter.

9 Aug, 2008


Many thanks, Hoya, when it stops raining will go and do it!

9 Aug, 2008


No you don't. Your plant is very young, cut back in November as Hoya says, although I would not leave just 2 buds, make it 3 all around.

10 Aug, 2008


Sounds quite young plant ,don't be too ruthless.

10 Aug, 2008


Yes, bought it last year, but moved it this Spring, so it's just getting settled.

10 Aug, 2008

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