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what can i plant now?


By Rewood

United Kingdom Gb

just pulled out my garden peas from my small veg plot and was wondering if there is anythingq quick growing veg i can plant for the rest of the year?





Hello Rewood
You could grow some raddishes or if you want to be brave sow some Broad Beans..
Hope this helps
Best Wishes
And Welcome to Goy.

9 Aug, 2008


Salad leaves and Swiss Chard (or so I'm told...)

9 Aug, 2008


winter cabbage

9 Aug, 2008


as brasicas follow 'hungry crops' any cabbage , spinach etc, nip down to your local garden centre and see if there any young plants left, or salad crops from seed... hope this helps, your beds, very neat

9 Aug, 2008


Any early crops can go in they are early cos they are quick maturing, french beans, early peas,( but not in the same place, rotate), spinach, if you are lucky it will overwinter and sprout in spring, mooli, spring greens, salad crops oriental greens/brocoli

9 Aug, 2008

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