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Lilac confusion!
We are considering buying a syringa vulgaris katherine havemeyer for a relatively small area in the front garden. The soil will be fine as tested as alkaline BUT am concerned whether this will be too large!!! I have been on a number of websites to check and there are very contradictory responses. Some state will grow to 7x7 metres but a number of others to only 3x4 metres. If is the latter is fine but dont want to be cutting it back all the time and be concerned whether roots would effect paving area and house. Any advice to clear this up would be appreciated. Thanks



All lilac are thugs and I would not consider for "a relatively small area".

25 Oct, 2015


Agreed with the proviso that it is S,vulgaris which is a thug. S. meyeri Palibin is a lot less rampant, as it S.pubescens microphylla Superba.

25 Oct, 2015

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