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is this a fungus and is it harmful?


By Unus

United Kingdom Gb

This fungus appears in about 12 hours and then seems to die. is it a problem?
It is about 12 inches across and looks like wet saw dust, but it turns to a slimy crust, befor i remove it and put it in the binn.
We have had 2 of them in a week.




If they disappear there is no problem, they probably appear again next year, as they would have left spores on the soil. It is nature and fungi appear after heavy rains and in autumn. When you remove them as you said just wear disposable plastic or rubber gloves, just in case it has some harmful bits for your skin. Try not to have them too close to your face, so not to breath in their smell, fumes or powder. I don't know of this particular one, but just play it safe and make sure no pets eat it.

8 Aug, 2008

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