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Weed killer on roses


By Dcp

United Kingdom Gb

We accidentally sprayed some Roundup weed killer onto some roses the other day. Although there was a heavy downpour soon afterwards, some of the leaves have wilted and turned brown at the edges. Would it be advisable to cut the roses back?



It might help, although the systemic nature of Roundup means that it may already have penetrated the roses' tissues. I do wish you luck and hope that they recover.

7 Aug, 2008


I think I'd leave well alone and see what happens. If some of the stems/branches start to die I'd cut them off to prevent rotting but otherwise give the plant a chance to recover (Hope!!) without stressing it more by extreme pruning. Perhaps a gentle nitrogen feed to help them along .. ?

8 Aug, 2008


This question often comes up - people have accidentally sprayed weed killer on a plant they want to keep - and the answer is simple and very effective.

Usually weed killer is sprayed in the dry so it's very easy to ID which plants have been affected. Remove those leaves IMMEDIATELY and then simply empty a watering can with a rose head over the plant. This way, your plant will not suffer one bit.

If you waited to post the question here it's far too late and with roundup it takes 2-3 weeks to see any results - which is one reason not to use it.

How soon did the rain appear? Within 5 minutes, your plant might be lucky.

If it's a big established rose like a scrambler it will almost certainly 'shake off' roundup if it rained soon after.

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10 Aug, 2008


Thanks so much. We did the same thing. I have been washing them down with a garden hose ever since the spray went on. My husband noticed it was round up instead of insecticide just as he finished spraying my prise roses. I'm praying that they aren't all killed!

3 Jul, 2017


Hi. I did this also this past weekend. As soon as I realized, I washed the plants well. Anyhow, how long did it take to notice if affecting your roses? Thanks in advance.

1 Nov, 2018

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