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Gardening in Andalusia am i right in thinking if you garden in a climate that is warm most of the year with plenty of light that you should be able to germinate and grow plants at any time of the year? or do you still follow the rules of sowing most seeds/plants in spring



Realistically it depends on where you are in Andalucia... Up in the mountains you are going to get serious snow and frost, down on the coast it will be mild but there will be a significant change in the light.

23 Oct, 2015


Judging by the picture, they are somewhat near the coast, or at least at a low elevation. In an area like that, plants that are native to the tropics, such as Zinnias or tomatoes, should be planted in spring, for growth through the summer. Plants that are native to the subarctic, such as Iceland poppies, plants that are native to the mountains, such as pansies, and plants that are active in winter in the Mediterranean, such as lavender, artichokes, or assorted crucifers, should be planted in the fall, for growth through the summer. Only a few would be happy being planted anytime.

24 Oct, 2015


yes thank you tugbrethil we are indeed near the sea about 30 min drive up in the hills in almunecar. so germinating seeds from around the world i should stick to the usual rules.

24 Oct, 2015


You aren't going to be able to grow any perennials that have a dormant period. No tulips, jonquils work better than daffodils. Irises can be hit/miss. But look into the South African Gladiolus and Moraea species. Some plants may winter over (Petunias and snapdragons). And keep in mind that some are very invasive in warm climates - you will not find Evening Primrose in my garden.
The other thing to keep in mind is snails and slugs are active in the winter - very active.

24 Oct, 2015


Oops! Sorry Youngalistai! I typoed on the second to the last sentence. It should read, "...for growth through the winter."! So you will essentially have two planting and growing seasons: fall through spring for cool season flowers and veggies, and spring through fall for warm season flowers and veggies.

25 Oct, 2015

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