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Can anybody identify these mushrooms/toadstools.Thanks

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It can be difficult to make definite identifications from pics of just the caps, but judging by the first picture I think the grey ones are more or less harmless common inkcaps, Coprinopsis Atramantaria. (And if they are don't eat them at the same time as drinking alcohol or you will be quite poorly)
I fear the beige ones are most likely honey fungus Armillaria mellea, which will attack and kill many other shrubs nearby so if this is in your garden it would be good to get the stump removed if you can.

23 Oct, 2015


Potentially poisonous.

23 Oct, 2015


I remember an episode of the Archers years ago where one of the Grundy boys ate common inkcaps with alcohol.
Not a good plan.
Lots of mushrooms are OK for some people and not for others - eg Shaggy Parasols upset some stomachs and not others (OH and I are two of the lucky ones fortunately) The best advice is when in doubt, don't.

23 Oct, 2015


Thanks everyone it seems there best removed.

24 Oct, 2015


Removing them won't make any difference. They will disappear soon anyway - well the ink caps will, and the main part of the fungus is out of sight and will be unaffected by having the fruiting bodies removed. What needs removing is the stump because of the kind of fungus growing on it. You really really don't want it to spread to other things in your garden, as its lethal to some plants. It spreads a long way by long black threads like bootlaces under the soil.

24 Oct, 2015

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