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Does everybody on GOY store their dahlias overwinter?
I have grown bish of llandaff in france and left them in the ground to survive, even during a minus 10C spell, is it the wet wintersoil rather than the cold whch kills them off?i just don't have enough storage space for more boxes in my shed. I am in n.yorkshire.



Yes, they tend to rot in the UK if left in the ground. I've left mine in a large pot on the balcony for the last 3 years, simply moving it back against the house wall for winter, and its survived - but, I'm in London, the balcony is south facing and very sheltered and against the wall it gets very little rain. Not sure if it would come through a severe winter though. The only time I did store two over winter, they both shrivelled up and died.

2 Oct, 2015


Just planted dahlias into my garden for the first time ever this past spring. Should these be dug up too and stored like one would do with Canna tubers?

2 Oct, 2015


I don't, and they come up every year just fine.

2 Oct, 2015


I'm in east Yorks and some survive and others dont. the ones I buried a good 6 inches deep tend to show again.

2 Oct, 2015


Loosestrife, depends on how damp and cold it gets where you are - certainly, dahlias planted deep in areas where winters aren't wet, or in a part of the garden that doesn't get waterlogged or terribly wet, seem to survive quite well, but its touch and go (I hope you know what that little phrase means, don't know if you use it where you are!)

2 Oct, 2015


I dig mine up and store in the greenhouse but only because with a river at the bottom of the garden, the water table rises in winter and would rot them.

2 Oct, 2015


I tend to leave mine in now and hope for the best as I always lose them if I dig them up to store through the winter months...

2 Oct, 2015


Thank you all for your comments, I will go for the planting them deep option and keeping my fingers crossed. ??

2 Oct, 2015


" touch and go" now that's one I know! Bamboo and everyone else, your advise is very much appreciated.

2 Oct, 2015


Unless you are a Let it take its chances gardener I would lift your Dahlias – Once the first frost has hit them and the leaves go black – I lift mine – Clean them cut the stems back to about 2” from the tuber turn them upside down to dry out – Once dry I store them in dry peat in the green house covered over –

3 Oct, 2015

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