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Pruning Cupressus Goldcrest

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I have just planted a goldcrest (about 6 foot high but fairly narrow) in the border of my garden. I would like it to thicken out. Is it fairly fast growing ? And if I trim the sides will it thicken any quicker? I am a fairly novice gardener.

On plant Cupressus macrocarpa



I think I would leave it and see whether it grows out more next year. I'm not an expert because I don't have one of these myself. With some Cupressus the normal shape is narrow, depending on the variety.

7 Aug, 2008


Find 'bluespruce' by typing into the search box and send him a private message. He is the conifer expert on the site - he will know!

7 Aug, 2008


All depends on the EXACT cultivar you have, the ordinary 'Goldcrest should need no trimming to thicken out, but if you have 'Wilma' or 'Goldcrest Wilma' as I have seen it listed this one also grows fast but is a much narrower selection and would be somewhere in the region of twenty feet high by about three - four feet wide at maturity, also can have a habit of outgrowing its roots and blowing over in gale force winds, hope this helps.

7 Aug, 2008

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