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adding photo's to this site

South Northamptonshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi just wondered if some-one could help me, I feel a bit silly but I can’t seem to add photo’s to this site. I have a few pictures of plants I’d like to add.
I’ve tried uploading through photobucket and using the “img” tag as well as the “http” tag but neither one seems to work , they say they are uploaing but up 1 hr later….. nothing. I’ve checked the file size and they are well within the limits stated, don’t really know where I’m going wrong…. help a sily technophob please…..



Hi Jane. To add a photo it needs to be on your computer. If you go to this page and click 'browse' you can choose the photo from your computer that you want to add. No need for the 'http', or 'img' stuff. I hope that helps, but please let me know if not.

7 Aug, 2008


Hallo Jane - if it's easier, go to your home page and you will find a link 'Add photos' just under your picture - your is still a tree with a question mark at the moment, isn't it. Then a box will pop up with 'browse' next to it. When you click this, you need to go to the photos you have stored on your computer, click on the one you want to post - click 'open' and then 'Submit'. There will be the opportunity to add a name and a comment about your photo, too. I hope all this makes sense and helps.

7 Aug, 2008

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