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Found on a building plot which has become my back garden. I don't know if this is a shrub or weed or perrenial. It became damaged by the kids but appears to have survived a year. Can it be identified and if so, is it poisonous?
I am attaching a photo - note the lantern type shapes. It did have some small purpl shade flowers. Thanks




Could this be japanese lanterns? If so, the lanterns will turn orange and stems can be cut for use in floral decorations. There will be a berry within the lantern which, I think, is poisonous if eaten - but most garden plants are poisonous if eaten.

27 Jul, 2010


Physalis, yes, i looked at it and thought it could be.
I have one of these and i thought those buds looked familiar ..... it 'is' a bit damaged though, isn't it, poor thing :-/

Just thought though ..... they have white flowers and not the purpley ones you mention.

27 Jul, 2010


Definitely Nicandra physalodes, the Shoo Fly plant. Annual, does self seed in some parts of the country. Poisonous if you eat it. Lots of odd beliefs about the scent from the flower.

27 Jul, 2010

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