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What is the earliest date you have a daffodil in bloom?


By Andrewr

Berkshire, England Eng

Yesterday, my first daffodil came into flower (December 4th). This is over four weeks earlier than I have ever had one bloom before. See the photos section for the picture.
Is this a record anyone can beat?

On plant Narcissus



Hi Andrew, yes that is early my earliest is proberly about feburary, but having said that speaking as a florist sometimes they come into the shop as early as November but i suspect that they may be imported.

6 Dec, 2007


Took a picture of N. bulbocodium fully open on 27.11 2007. Will post a picture when I have time. Earliest I have ever seen this species flower, normally late Feb onwards.

6 Dec, 2007


Picture posted in My garden section, but here it is too

6 Dec, 2007


I drove to Minehead today, and there were sheets of daffodils in flower by the side of the road, making it look like spring, not winter! I do realise that Minehead has its own micro-climate, as it is sheltered by North Hill (a large headland, the start of Exmoor), but it shows that temperature is all-important. There were also Fuchsias, Geraniums and other more tender plants in full bloom in the gardens!

11 Dec, 2007



I work in a florist shop although not at mo. But we always start getting in daffodils just before christmas, it always seems early but hopeful of spring to come.


20 Dec, 2007

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