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White cone growing in grass! I've seen today a white ice cream cone like thing growing out of my grass. I went to pick it up and it's like a texture of cake sponge and when I tried to get rid of it all, I found it's actually sunk very deep into the lawn. I've tried to find info on the web, but haven't found anything close to it. When I was digging it, it really smelt bad. I've covered it over as I have a dog. Does anyone know what this could be and how to get rid of it? Thanks.

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It is a harmless fungus a kind of mushroom

8 Jun, 2015


Possibly a Stinkhorn fungus.

8 Jun, 2015


Difficult to get rid of fungi because all you see is the fruiting body and the main part of the "plant" is underground in the form of a wide area of fine white threads. Stinkhorns are not poisonous. If you had left this one you would have been astonished by the rather rude looking mature fruiting body which would have grown up out of your "ice cream cone". Have to say that apart from the smell I rather like them...

8 Jun, 2015


Agree with Stera other than the smell it is a fascinating fungus!

8 Jun, 2015


Stinkies are lovely, I enjoy seeing them in and around our garden.

8 Jun, 2015


I'm not going to enlighten you Snoop...

8 Jun, 2015


Think phallus Snoop!

8 Jun, 2015


'Phallus impudicus'

8 Jun, 2015


I have just Googled that fungus. That made me chuckle. 18+ image. LOL.

9 Jun, 2015

How do I say thanks?

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