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Is there a limit to their height in a domestic garden



Hello Winann
The answer is No.
hedges/privots can and do reach 15/20 feet high if left to their own devices ..thank goodness for the hedge trimmer much quicker than shears....give it a good cutting be as ruthless as you like they soon recover.
Best Wishes

5 Aug, 2008


If they abut a highway or neighbour, you may find the council or a solicitor taking an interest

5 Aug, 2008


Since 2005 councils can intervene if there is a dispute between neighbours about the height of a an adjoining hedge. People have to show that they have tried to negotiate with said neighbours and it must be evergreen, at least 2 metres high and form a barrier to light or access. Most councils will charge you for investigating a complaint. They can serve a'Remedial notice' requiring the hedge to be reduced in height but its all very complicated.

5 Aug, 2008


Amature gardening magazine this weeks issue Aug 9th.
Has on page 6-7 hedges.
It says that if your hedge is over 6ft 6in a neighbour can legally request you cut it back to that level.
Local authorities are mentioned as well as costs and fines.

It also mentions boundary and wildlife

Happy trimming.

5 Aug, 2008

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