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bamboo problem


By Thomas

United Kingdom Gb

my neighbour has bamboo growing in her garden. it is now started to appear in my lawn and in between my fir trees at the opposite of my garden. how can i get rid of it



You'll need to ask your neighbour to surround her bamboo with a deep barrier of some sort. We use roofing slates for ours. Cut out any that is in your garden and keep at it. It should weaken. The alternative is to put a deep barrier on your side (I assume it is near a fence). Chop down into the soil on your side beside the bamboo until you come to the roots that are coming through. Cut right through them and then put your barrier there. Make it as long as you can. Bamboo can be a real nuisance. I hope you're on good terms with your neighbour. You should be able to sort out a compromise especially if you offer to do it for him/her. Good luck with it.

5 Aug, 2008

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