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blooms getting smaller and smaller. Is the plant finished?

On plant Orlaya grandiflora



This plant is described as annual. So I would guess that it is coming to a conclusion of the flowering time

26 Jul, 2010


Dear Dorjac,

I am not the most able computer user--so I am hoping that this is how I say 'thanks' to you for answering my question.

You confirmed what I was thinking; just wanted to make sure I was not doing something wrong, because I had the impression from the info on the plant that it would bloom all summer. (I had never grown it before.) I love Queen Anne's Lace, and this looked very similar. Indeed, it is a lovely plant!

When I learn how to send pics, etc. I will do that. This is all a lovely idea!


26 Jul, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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