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Japenese maple Acer palmatum Garnet

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My maple has foliage that is going brown round the edges. Seems to be failing not any growth or new foliage. I have o
soaked it in a bucket and repotted it. have you any advice would be helpfull. Thanks to everyone for the advice but I think i've lost it. All leaves have gone brown and shrivelled up. What would happen if I cut it right back, and crosssed my fingers for new growth?



Several things you could try...
Firstly positioning. They do not like sun on the leaves first thing in the morning. It can scorch the tips and turn them brown. They also dislike wind. Put you pot somewhere that it will not be exposed to either of these and also try and give it a little shade around midday. The dark leafed Acers prefer more sun than the greens but can still get scorched in hot weather.
You say you soaked it. Had it dried out? Browning leaves can be a sign of over or underwatering. Do not presume under.
What compost have you potted it in? They are woodland edge trees which means they like a lot of humus to grow in. Either buy a specific tree and shrub compost or add barkchip/composted leaves to the compost you are using.

30 Jul, 2008


I hope you used ericaceous compost. Keep out of the sun don't overwater but spray the foliage morning and evening in hot weather. If you have tap water from a chalky area , best use rain water if it is necessary. Acers are always a worry, especially named varieties that have been grafted.

30 Jul, 2008

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