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By Lauram

Georgia, United States Us

My oakleaf hydrangeas have no buds on them. I can't remember exactly when they bloomed last summer, but there are no signs of buds at all. The plants grew tremendously over the past year, so I was looking forward to flowers. Anyone else having this problem?

On plant Hydrangea quercifolia



The problem is most likely the 'tremendous growth' that you report. Lots of foliage means less (or no) flowers. It should be flowering soon, normally.

12 Jul, 2010


Thanks - I wondered whether that might be it. Would you recommend pruning, and if so, when & how much?

13 Jul, 2010


No, don't prune it. That will make it worse. Let the foliage mature and it should flower next year without a problem.

13 Jul, 2010

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