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As a gardener for a primary school, I'm planning to buy a range of suitable plants on a budget (maybe £100?). I'm not sure if the best option for value and choice is a visit to a garden centre or through a mail catalogue. If the latter any recommendations?



You do not say what they are for ,summer bedding ,herbasceous, shrubs etc? When do you want them to flower? Spring bulbs etc. summer show? Being a school I would think you would not want wonderful displays when school is closed.A good private garden centre would be your best bet , they can advise you as well. Mail order is good if you know what you want. The photos in mail order are always very beguiling but the colour etc. is very often enhanced.

29 Jul, 2008


Are there any wholesale nurseries in your area? (check the phone book). As long as you want to order say, six or more of things, I should think they would be happy to sell to a school project and their prices will be a lot lower

29 Jul, 2008


Steer clear of mail order catalogues - their plants are so often tiny and not worth the money - you'd have to grow them on somewhere. How about trying the parents next term? They might have spare plants to donate?

29 Jul, 2008


A great value budget plant is any hardy geranium.Easy to grow,varied colours and flower types,cheap.Many flower at their best in spring,will take tough treatment from young hands and can be divided very easily and fill spaces quite quickly.Always a good buy.

30 Jul, 2008

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