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I took cuttings from penstemons in late summer. The cuttings themselves has lost their leaves and look dead but leaves are coming up around the stem. Just not sure if its penstemon leaves. Do they do this? The stem feels strongly attached to the soil.



Hi, welcome to GoY, it could be that the cuttings have rooted, but have then died off, but the roots have sent new growth up, if they're still in the pot you put them in when you took the cuttings, and you put them around the edge of the pot, holding 1 hand over the top of the pot, being careful not to damage any growth, carefully remove them from the pot, and you should be able to see where the growth is coming from,, if it's attached to the roots, fine, pot them up individually, if you find either no roots, or the growth is not coming from the roots, I would throw them out, as they're unlikely to root now, Derek.

8 Dec, 2014


this sounds ok to me some do drop a lot of their leaves and shoot away from the base. do you know which variety you took the cuttings from?

you could knock them out of the pot to see if they have rooted like Derekm suggests.

9 Dec, 2014

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