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Hi everyone,
Newbie here. Can anyone please give me some advice on how to grow 'Penstemon Whippleanus' or (chocolate drop) from seed please. In laymans terms please.
Much appreciated, look forward to your reply.



Hi, you will need a heated propagator with a thermostat set to something between 55 and 64 deg f, take a seed tray and fill to the top with a good quality seed compost, firm it lightly with a flat piece of wood, water the seed tray and allow it to drain, make sure that the compost is within about 1/4" of the top of the tray, sow the seed thinly all over the surface of the tray, [if there are a lot of seeds don't try to put them all in 1 tray], give them a light covering of either compost, vermiculite, fine sand or horticultural grit, place the tray or trays into the propagator, placed in a good light but not full sun, put the lid on and switch it on, wait for the seeds to germinate, when thet have developed 2 sets of leaves, [not the first 2 leaves these are the cotyledons] prick out the seedlings to about 2" apart each way into a clean seed tray, you can use a loam based compost or a multi purpose compost at this stage, in mid may, [assuming we have warmed up a bit] start hardening them off, if you have a cold frame put them in that but put the cover on at night for 3 or 4 days, then you can start to gradually leave the lid open starting with just a small gap gradually increasing until by the end of may, you can leave the cover off, plant out into their flowering position in june, Derek.

29 Mar, 2013


hi and welcome to GoY. Fill a pot or seed tray with good compost. water the compost then sprinkle the seed on the surface. try to sow it with space between the seeds. Just cover them with a fine covering of compost.
and keep them in a warm place. window sill if you dont have a propagator/greenhouse. ect. if they are going on a windowsill then pop the pot into a poly bag to help keep the compost moist. you should have growth in 10-21 days. then let them grow on till they have 4 proper leaves. the fist pair of leaves look different and only to get the palnt through the first few weeks of life.

if you want any more help just ask. lots of us on here have been where you are all it takes is trial and error and a bit of luck, sunshine etc. :o)

29 Mar, 2013


Many thanks to you both. Will endeavour to give it a go.

30 Mar, 2013

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