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Weeping willow tree - too big?

essex, United Kingdom

We have moved into a house that has a lovely small ( 6ft) tree in the front garden only about 5- 6ft from house.
The day we moved in the previous owners told us it was a weeping willow.
Alarm bells have rung as know they can cause severe damage-there are no pipes near the tree but can they take moisture from the house walls? I am now paranoid about this .If it was kept pruned would this prevent the roots spreading and so damage? It has become a worry as I have noticed some of the bricks in house wall have cracks -but there are alot of settlement cracks in the house anyway.It is a lovely tree and dont want to remove unless I have too.

On plant Salix



I think that it would be a good idea to dig this tree whilst smallout in the winter and spade a large area around the root system move it on to a sack to transport it, then prepare the ground and dig a large hole to replace the tree much further away from the house. Make sure that it is well watered in then water for a few weeks to make sure that the roots settle down.

28 Jul, 2008


I would get it out before too long (say this autumn). Weeping willows get very large are not really suitable for a small garden. Why not offer it to the local council for one of their parks?

28 Jul, 2008

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