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fruit trees how do i get rid off ?


By Sarlou

i havethree fruit trees in my garden that are not my favourite thing i would like to grow vegetables instead is it possible to get rid of the trees quickly .they are mature



Hi there Sarlou, had a similar problem in my garden last year I dug out an apple tree that had been planted in the middle of one of my borders by the house's previous owner about 15 years ago. It took a day to dig up, even though it's roots hadn't gone so far, it had a big rootball. So if they aren't too big it is possible. Last Autumn/Winter had two very old well established damson trees taken out, too big and awkward for me to remove, got a tree guy in he cut them down to soil level and then ground the stumps and root out (really important with plum and damson as they both will send out suckers for yards).

Hope that helps a bit, but you have my sympathies!

13 May, 2007

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