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My potatoes are growing too tall. Could this mean the leaves are taking more food than the tubers? Can I cut the leaves off now that the plants have flowered?

On plant Iris acutiloba



How tall is "too tall"? A photo might help. I wouldn't worry about them to much and personally I wouldn't cut them down until September time even if they fell over, they need the leaves to get energy to make the tubers!

17 Jun, 2010


Ian didn't someone else say their tattie shaws were very tall? Wonder if it is the variety...

17 Jun, 2010


Wonder why the question has the footnote 'On plant Iris acutiloba'?

17 Jun, 2010


I wqndered that too Bulbaholic.......are the "potatoes" earlies or main crop?

17 Jun, 2010


Could well be MG, Noeline, do you know which variety it was you planted?

17 Jun, 2010


noeline are you on about potatoes OR Iris acitiloba, we need to know , you need to answer this question

18 Jun, 2010


Thank you all for your contributions. As a new grower I did not keep the information on the packet except I know it was the Iris type. The plants are over a meter tall. The ground has been idle for a long time before we moved in and a lot of ash from the fire is part of the compost, may be the richness of the soi is the contributerl. It looks as if there could be no problem except that I need to be patient and do more experiments..

19 Jun, 2010



19 Jun, 2010


Noeline I am now completely confused - there is no 'iris' type of potato! Potatoes do not normally grow to a metre in height less than half a metre is the usual. Are you growing irises or potatoes? Take a photo and put it up then we will have a better idea.

19 Jun, 2010

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