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Felt roof on a shed

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Please can anybody tell me how long the felt on a garden shed should last. I bought a chalet four and a half years ago from a well known local firm and in the Spring it started crumbling and now has holes at ridge and eaves levels. The proprietor of the company which sold and erected the chalet is making (and not keeping) promises to send someone to look at it "for a quote" and I have the impression that he thinks I shall just give up on this. I would like him to either fix it for half the normal price or share the cost of someone else doing it.
This is the chalet which appears in my latest photos. I shall put my complaint in writing if I can find out what is the reasonable life expectancy of a felt roof.
Incidentally, my neighbour installed a shed at the same time and the roof on his is still good.
Thank you in advance.



Not sure how long it should last, but I've had two sheds in my lifetime, one for 17 years, and one for ten years (I moved both times and left them behind) and neither of those needed replacement roof covering, so it sounds like the one you got shouldn't have wanted replacing so soon. When he says he's going to give you a quote, he's expecting you to pay for recovering it, rather than treating it as a complaint that he's supplied a duff roof covering and you want it replaced for free, which is what he should do really.

17 Jun, 2010


Ten years is the expected life of a simple felt covered roof. Of course, many last much longer.

17 Jun, 2010


I would agree with you Bulbaholic. Back in my working days I used to deliver garden buildings of all shapes and sizes and 10 years was the advice I was given to pass on to customers

17 Jun, 2010


Thank you Bulbaholic,Ian digs v2 and Bamboo for your advice on the felt roof.
From what you all say, the man must have used the worst possible quality felt.Your remarks have helped me have the conviction to tackle the problem more firmly than I might otherwise have done.

17 Jun, 2010

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