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podophylum peltatom (may apple)

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Has anyone got a podophylum peltatum with a mature fruit on it? I am currently trying to paint this plant but have been unable to find a fruit. My own plants have not produced fruits and neither have those at Kew or Chelsea Physic Garden. Can anyone help please?



I have been photographing what I believe is a podophylum in my garden. It started early in spring wihth a pink flower appearing out the ground before any foliage. The leaves are not shiny but I now have a fruit hanging frm below the leaf which has turned from green through to red. it is about 7cm long - If this is what you are looking for I will arrange to send photos
Kind regards

26 Aug, 2008


Thank you for your reply Bob. Unfortunatelt I don't think this is a podophyllum as the leaves appear first, a small white flower about 2.0 cm diameter then appears at the branch point of two leaves. The fruit sound similar though.

Kind regards


27 Aug, 2008

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