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Can anyone identify this house plant


By Trish

Has 5 inch long, narrow green leaves with whitish spots. Grows tree-like with a woody stalk.



it looks very much like a Croton (codiaeum) i think proberly Codiaeum aucubifolium. if i'm right it needs minimum 60f in winter good light an east or west facing windowsill is ideal. water liberally from spring to autumn, sparingly in winter, needs humidity and the leaves need regular wiping over with a damp cloth to keep dust off. repot if necessary in spring.

2 Nov, 2007


also from the picture it looks as though you have it in water at mo, according to my book cutting should be rooted with rooting hormone and you need to provide bottom heat to get it going - good luck!

2 Nov, 2007


Here is a URL to photos of your guess:

I have this plant too . . . this one is NOT it. However, I will heed your advice to use rooting hormone and get my new sapling in soil a.s.a.p. Thank YOU for helping me to preserve it.

Any other guess? Feel free to help. It's the only plant I've ever seen like this.

7 Nov, 2007


Are you sure it's ahouse plant? Where was the original plant when you bought/ saw it? It looks more like plain old outdoor Aucuba to me. but I could be wrong or my screen might need cleaning!

9 Nov, 2007


yes i was going to say that - it does look very much like a specled laurel! and i work in a florist they often sell as house or conservertory plants! - if it is keep it well away from central heating if you are going to keep it indoors - they do prefer colder conditions!

10 Nov, 2007


Thank you volunteer! Aucuba does sound more likely
though I'm still not 100% convinced, as the "mother plant" I took this sapling from was a lot leaner than the one shown at the URL I've listed here.

The "mother plant" is located in a sunny office that is heated in winters and A/C in summers. If the plant is as you suggested, perhaps the central heating and air conditioning are the culprits. I'd like to thank you and majeekahead for all your input. Much appreciated!

12 Nov, 2007

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