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is this a euonymus? its one that i inherited when we moved to our new house in december last year, its low growing and evergreen and i managed to split it in two in the spring and both divisions have done fine. i thought that euonymus where shrubs and the way in which this grows is more like an evergreen perennial. but in every other way it does look just like a low growing euonymus - if so, does anyone know which variety - if not can anyone id it for me please - as i can not find it in any of my books - thanks.




Certainly looks like Euonymus to me, one of the E. fortunei, possibly Silver Queen.

1 Nov, 2007


thanks owdboggy, but don't think it is silver queen as i know that one - its usally more ivory varigation than this one, some of the folliege is bright yellow and lime green, and the leaves are a bit bigger too but i think we are along the right lines as it is very simular in every other way - i think i will settle for E. fortunei. many thanks.

1 Nov, 2007


Some euonymus varieties grow a little like ivy - if there is something to cling to, they will climb; if not, they will form ground cover. What you have is definitely an euonymus and my guess is that if you were to plant one of your divisions at the foot of a wall or fence, it would start to climb.

1 Nov, 2007


I've looked it up in my Hillier and it looks like Euonymus 'Canadale Gold' both from the picture (which looks like your shrub), and the description.

1 Nov, 2007


thanks guys, yes it does grow like an ivy, and as it happens i have planted one quite near a fence - it has'nt quite reached it yet but we'll see what happens when it does, be nice if it does attach its self as i was going to put a climber in behind it, but i'll wait and see what it does first. and 'Canadale Gold' sounds more like it looks - thanks a million gonna add this info to my listing.

2 Nov, 2007


The other variegated and easily available one is Emerald n Gold.

2 Nov, 2007


I would concur . . . see photos posted here:

7 Nov, 2007

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