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By Lamb

Warwickshire, United Kingdom Gb

why is some of my pctatoes growing so tall and skinny



it sounds like there not getting enough light . maybe try nipping the growing tips out so they have to bush out a bit and ofcourse get some more light to them.if there getting enough light i guess there growing to fast so its possible your feeding them to much but i doubt it.someone else will know a lot more than i do but its just a thaught .

10 Jun, 2010


I find different varieties grow in different ways. Some have short stocky foliage others long and spindly. It does not seem to affect their cropping qualities. I am more worried that so many of mine are flowering already. I will need to check whether they are earlies, 2nd earlies or lates. When I have a minute lol.

10 Jun, 2010


thank you very much for your advice as the one that getting tall is ithe shade

10 Jun, 2010


that will be the reasen then im glad to be of help .

10 Jun, 2010


Welcome to Goy Lamb. One of the things you will soon be aware of is how aware people are of their own gardens. Already you are learning how simple things can be the problem, or not so much of of a problem as we think. It is good to enjoy the freedom to ask questions we might be reluctant to ask of someone closer knowing that you will get a straight answer which can help you very quickly.

10 Jun, 2010


yes its generaly a very good , friendly informative site that you dont feal pressured to go on . i just cant help myself .im adicted to this site i think . i either answer or try to answer questions or write blogs generaly . youl find different people seam to have there own roles on this great site as you probaly will .

10 Jun, 2010

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