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This year my tomato plants have flowered well, look very green and healthy but I do not have any tomatoes! Could you tell me why that could be. Thank you.
Thanks Xela, that is very helpful and explains a lot. I have always grown them outdoors in grow bags before and never had a problem. This year I have them growing in a polythene mini greenhouse which I have kept closed most of the time, but now I will open it more and keep my fingers crossed.



I always thought that the tomatoes replace the flowers so however many flowers you have will be how many tomatoes you have, probably wrong though lol

20 Jul, 2008


The reason will be that the flowers haven't been pollinated. This is usually done by insects; as they collect nectar from the flower the pollen adheres to their bodies. When they go to another flower some of the pollen will brush off, if it lands on the stigma in the flower the plant will produce fruit.
Many tomato growers will tap their flowering plants each time they tend them, so facilatating the pollination process, some will use an artist's paintbrush to imitate the insects.

20 Jul, 2008

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