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Privacy Screening - Does anyone know where I could buy tall privacy planters that I could position on two sides of my decking to offer me some privacy from our neighbours when sunbathing. I would ideally like something that is about 4 to 5 ft in height and same width and I could then add the planting to take it up to 6 ft high. I don't want a fence panel or bamboo panels etc I have seen the likes in outdoor restaurants with fake planting which offers screening to diners.



you could get something built to measure or put some trellis on top of your fence and grow some climbers through it .

3 Jul, 2014


Going by what you have said it sounds like that setup is going to be very heavy. Make sure your deck can take the constant weight of that. Such planters are seen on ground level patios. Also these planters might have drainage holes the moisture from which will rot the decking underneath the planters. You mentioned 4 to 5 feet in height and the same in width but you did not mention length. Finally, planters that size are very costly. I might add that being from the USA, a deck is usually envisioned as being set off the ground and not ground level. Noseypotter has a good and simple solution for you.

3 Jul, 2014


Lidl had what I think you are talking about a little while ago. It was like a moveable fence panel. Did not look too heavy as a young mum was carrying it. There was no planter attached, but I guess you could put a some pots in front of it.

3 Jul, 2014


There's something advertised at - you can get similar at larger garden centres - but they're expensive for what they are (a pot with trellis) and probably not the 5ft that you want.

If you can fix posts to your decking then you'll probably find it more economical to put up your own trellis (wires or rope swags are alternatives) and a selection of pots. Can you plant in the ground between the decking and the neighbours?

I admire the optimism of sunbathing!

3 Jul, 2014


Landscapers often use canvas sails which can be hung up all summer and taken down in winter. Look good but are not cheap.

4 Jul, 2014

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