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ID on this wildflower if you can please? :) Looks like a nettle of some sort, but very large leaves and about 3' tall. Not stinging.

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Himalayan Balsam.

26 Jun, 2014


Am I correct in thinking this is an invasive weed .

26 Jun, 2014


No, it's definitely. to that Owdboggy! Thank heavens! HB is pink and has leaves more like a willow herb.

26 Jun, 2014


Agree, ck, not Himalayan Balsam. I don't think that it is a native weed but I can't identify it. Very pretty orchid like flowers.

26 Jun, 2014


It was sold to me as Lunaria on EBay. I'd love to know what it is, but like you, I can't find anything like it on tinternet, or in my books. I don't think it's a native wildflower now either. It's not in my Sarah Raven. I've contacted the seller on EBay. You never know, they might know what it is!

26 Jun, 2014


Galeopsis speciosa - large flowered hemp nettle. not uncommon on arable land in the fen district according to my wild flower book. flowers 3/4" long.

26 Jun, 2014


SBG, you're a star! :)) thank you!

26 Jun, 2014



26 Jun, 2014


I try to twinkle :o)

I have an old book 'the concise British Flora in colour' by W.Keble Martin first published in 1965.

It is one of my botany bibles as the illustrations are amazing.

26 Jun, 2014


Nice resource!

26 Jun, 2014


I remember this - I grew up in North Norfolk, mostly we saw yellow ones and although they looked like nettles they didnt sting and were Minty? We would pick them and take them home but they were hopeless in a vase as they went very limp. I wish I could remember what we called them. Sadly they are not around as much nowadays.

26 Jun, 2014


Apparently a poisonous plant that can cause paralysis Drc! Good job you didn't taste the minty plant!

26 Jun, 2014


Forgotten that CK or may be I never knew it!

27 Jun, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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