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I have been trying to rid my garden of overgrown blackberries, but I am too old for all the digging. I have read of a product by Greenergy for killing off the roots it appears to be very efficient,Does anyone know if it can be obtained in the U.K.?. I have e/mailed the company but have received no satisfactory answer. Hope someone knows the answer. Many thanks



Cheapest method, as long as you do not want to plant in that area for at least a few months, would be to salt them.

19 Jul, 2008


Jess, thank you for that. I used salt to get rid of daisies in part of my front lawn last year. It worked a treat, although the lawn had brown patches through to mid spring this year. I didn't think salt would be strong enough to eliminate brambles but I shall give it a go on the brambles at the bottom of Paul's garden (when we have harvested the blackberries of course) where he intends to put his garage/workshop..

19 Jul, 2008


You may need more than one application for it to be effective. Add the salt to water and water it in to make sure it reaches the roots. Salt will kill most anything as long as it it applied often enough. Just think seaside. Problem is it does stay in the soil for a long time so nothing else can be planted for months. I only use it to clear scrub areas, never in a border. It is not an organic method as such but better than chemicals IMO.

21 Jul, 2008


I agree ..... must try it on the ground elder too :-D
Tesco's biggest bag of salt has gone on my shopping list !

22 Jul, 2008

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