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Can anyone identify this scented flowering bukb I saw in Portugal please, could it be A.Subvillosom?

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Wild Onion, spreads all over the place like a weed, I have the rotten things in my garden, if you had rubbed the leaves you would of smelt the onion, some you can eat.

15 May, 2014


what is the scent of?
It doesn't shout wild onion to me, well not the british one anyway.

16 May, 2014


I would say wild onion, at least some sort of Allium. They smell a bit like garlic, if a bit musty.

16 May, 2014


It could be Allium triquetrum. I have it, but it doesn't get invasive.

16 May, 2014


I have A. triquetrum, I would say the flowers are not quite right. I would also say that A. triquetrum is invasive for me in clay soil and in pots, sun and shade...

16 May, 2014


I'm not convinced it is a wild onion as it had a lovely sweet scent, very fragrant.
I will look at the wild onion and see if it looks similar, any further info would be great, thank you for taking time to answer my question, could it be 'alium cowanii'?

16 May, 2014


It also looks a bit like a triteleia I have under a bamboo, it stretches a bit to reach the light.

17 May, 2014


I looked up Triteleia and I agree it does look like it.

17 May, 2014


I looked at the Pacific Bulb Society pages for the different types of Triteleia, and none look like the flower in question. I have had Trieleia, and it had larger flowers.

18 May, 2014

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