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greenhouae maintenance


By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

What does everyone do to ensure their greenhouse is clean and bug-free (as much as is possible!)



Watered down Jeyes' fluid is recommended to wipe every surface, after clearing out everything and sweeping up spilt compost etc. You can clean between glass panes with a seed label (I haven't, but you could... :-) apparently) It's also important to wash all pots and seed trays before putting them away for next year. I confess to being lazy and washing them as I need them! (They are stored in the shed) Seriously, it was worth taking everything out of my greenhouse because I found several sneaky snails lurking on the exposed shelves! They were swiftly evicted!

27 Oct, 2007


I empty the greenhouse and wash down the aluminium shelving with washing-up liquid. I then use a pump sprayer to spray all the inside of the glass with diluted Jeyes Fluid. Makes the spiders run!
Leave for a few hours to let fumes disperse before putting any plants back inside

28 Oct, 2007

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