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Please has anyone grown the creeping snapdragon (Asarina procumbens)? I googled it and it seems to be hardy down to -5. I bought one at the rare plant fair yesterday and wondered if it would be safer grown in a pot.

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Grown it and still got it, but only ever in a pot. Self seeds all over the place where happy.

24 Mar, 2014


Quite hardy with us at down to -10 at times. As owdboggy says, self seeding can be an issue but fairly easily managed. Wear gloves to grub out unwanted plants in the garden as the leaves are very sticky. In spite of the negatives, it is an attractive plant.

24 Mar, 2014


I've had it for several years as well. I think it disappeared for a couple of years, but then reappeared, obviously a seedling. If you tuck it under something else, it should come through all but the hardest winters.

24 Mar, 2014


Oh good - thanks, all. I might well plant it out, then. :-))

25 Mar, 2014

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